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Miscellaneous Names

National Public Radio Hosts

This public radio network, supported by listener contributions and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has been an important source of news and information since 1971.

  • Nancy Wilson (born 1937)

    American singer.

    • NPR''s Host, Jazz Profiles
  • Linda Wertheimer

    American public radio host.

    • Host of ''''All Things Considered''''
  • Liane Hansen

    American public radio host.

    • Host of ''''Weekend Edition''''
  • Corinne ''Cokie'' Roberts (born 1943)

    American public radio news analyst.

    • NPR senior news analyst
  • Susan Stamberg

    American public radio news correspondent.

    • NPR special correspondent
  • Elizabeth Arnold

    American national public radio correspondent

    • NPR''s National Political Correspondent
  • Melinda Penkava

    American public radio talk show host

    • NPR''s Host of Talk of the Nation

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