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Miscellaneous Names

Biblical Names from the New Testament

The 27 books of the New Testament, together with the Old Testament, constitute the scriptures of the Christian religion.

  • Bernice

    Sister of Herod Agrippa II. Present at Paul's defence at Caesarea.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Elizabeth

    Cousin of Mary and mother of John the Baptist.

    • Appears in Luke
  • Eunice

    Mother of Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus. Possibly converted by Paul.

    • Appears in 2 Timothy
  • Joanna

    Witnessed Jesus' empty tomb on Easter morning.

    • Appears in Luke
  • Lydia

    Rich woman converted and baptized by Paul at Philippi.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Magdalene (Mary of Magdala)

    Witnessed the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

    • Appears in the Gospels
  • Phoebe

    Deaconess of the church at Cenchreae.

    • Appears in Romans
  • Rhoda

    Servant girl who recognized the voice of Peter outside her mistress' house after his escape from prison. In her gladness she ran to tell the others, forgetting to let him in.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Salome

    Mother of James and John; may have been Jesus' aunt. She witnessed the crucifixion, and visited the tomb on Easter morning.

    • Appears in Mark and Matthew
  • Sapphira

    She and her husband, Ananias, died on the spot when Peter denounced them for holding back some money they had intended for the church.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Susanna

    One of a band of women who provided for the needs of Jesus and his disciples.

    • Appears in Luke
  • Tabitha

    Raised from the dead by Peter at Lydda.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Priscilla

    Close friend of Paul; wife of Aquila the tent-maker.

    • Appears in Acts and several of the Epistles
  • Damaris

    An Athenian believer who joined with Paul on his visit to Athens.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Drusilla

    Jewish wife of the Roman procurator Felix. Met with Paul at Caesarea.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Dorcas

    Greek name for Tabitha, raised from the dead by Peter at Lydda.

    • Appears in Acts
  • Anna

    Prophet in the Temple at Jerusalem; pronounced Jesus to be the Messiah.

    • Appears in Luke
  • Mary

    This is the name of several biblical figures -- most notably the mother of Jesus, revered by Christians as the Virgin Mary.

    • The Virgin Mary appears in the Gospels
  • Artemis

    Ephesian mother-goddess.

    • Mentioned in Acts

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