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Miscellaneous Names

Biblical Names from the Old Testament

Some characters from the 39 books of the Jewish scriptures, which also make up the Old Testament of the Christian tradition.

  • Abigail

    Wife of King David.

    • Appears in 1 and 2 Samuel
  • Ruth

    Moabite grandmother of King David. Known for her devotion to her mother-in-law, Naomi.

    • Her story is told in the book of Ruth
  • Delilah

    Philistine woman who loved and then betrayed Samson.

    • Appears in Judges
  • Dinah

    Daughter of Jacob and Leah; her brothers killed Shechem and his family after he seduced her.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Hagar

    Sarah's Egyptian servant. Bore Abraham's son Ishmael.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Biblical Hannah

    Wife of Elkanah; mother of Samuel.

    • Appears in 1 Samuel
  • Leah

    First wife of Jacob, whom he is tricked into marrying in place of her sister Rachel.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Michal

    King Saul's daughter, who helped David escape when Saul tried to kill him.

    • Appears in 1 and 2 Samuel
  • Miriam

    Moses' sister, who was watching him when he was found by Pharaoh's daughter in the reeds.

    • Appears in Exodus and Numbers
  • Naomi

    Jewish woman whose Moabite daughter-in-law, Ruth, returned to Bethlehem with her after the death of her husband.

    • Appears in Ruth
  • Rachel

    Daughter of Laban, second wife of Jacob, and mother of Joseph.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Rebekah

    Wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Sarah

    Abraham's wife who, after years of barrenness, gave birth to Isaac.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Zipporah

    Wife of Moses, who met her at a well in the desert.

    • Appears in Exodus
  • Vashti

    Persian queen whose husband divorced her after she refused to appear at a banquet to show off her beauty.

    • Appears in Esther
  • Elisheba

    Wife of the high priest Aaron.

    • Appears in Exodus
  • Tamar

    Daughter of David and Maacah; sister of Absalom, who slew Amnon to avenge her honor.

    • Appears in 2 Samuel
  • Azubah

    Wife of King Asa of Judah; mother of Jehoshaphat.

    • Appears in 1 Kings
  • Zeruiah

    Sister of King David.

    • Appears in 2 Samuel
  • Asenath

    Daughter of a high priest of Egypt; wife of Joseph.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Zilpah

    Leah's maid, who she gives to Jacob as a concubine.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Mehetabel

    Wife of King Hadar of Edom.

    • Appears in 1 Chronicles
  • Keturah

    Abraham's third wife.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Judith

    Wife of Esau. The apocryphal book of Judith tells the story of another woman with this name, who beheads the leader of an invading army.

    • Esau''s wife Judith appears in Genesis
  • Esther

    Jewish woman who became queen of Persia. She saved her people from a plot aginst them, an event celebrated by the Jewish feast of Purim.

    • Her story is told in the book of Esther
  • Eve

    The first woman; wife of Adam.

    • Appears in Genesis
  • Deborah

    Judge and prophet who united the Israelites against the Canaanites.

    • Appears in Judges

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