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Miscellaneous Names


People who have made a name for themselves with their culinary creations.

  • Darina Allen

    Owner of the Ballymaloe Cooking School, author of several cookbooks, and star of her own cooking show on Irish television.

    • In 1995, cooked a St. Patrick''s Day breakfast for President Clinton and 150 guests
  • Monique Andree Barbeau

    Canadian chef. Head chef of Fuller's in Seattle since 1992.

    • Received the 1994 James Beard Award for Best Chef of the Pacific Northwest
  • Julia Child (born 1912)

    American chef. Author of many cookbooks and star of several TV series on cooking.

    • Undoubtedly the most famous female chef in history
  • Rozanne Gold

    American food writer and consulting chef.

    • Wrote Little Meals: A Great New Way to Eat & Cook, which won a 1994 James Beard award
  • Molly O'Neil

    American chef, cookbook author and food writer.

    • Food columnist for the New York Times Sunday Magazine
  • Nancy Silverton

    American pastry chef; owner of California's La Brea Bakery and co-owner of Campanile restaurant.

    • Co-author, with her husband, of Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton at Home: Two Chefs Cook for Family and Friends
  • Mimi Sheraton

    Food critic and cookbook author.

    • Wrote The Whole World Loves Chicken Soup
  • Sharon Tyler Herbst

    Chef and cookbook author.

    • Wrote The New Food Lover''s Companion
  • Madeleine Kamman

    French chef, culinary educator and cookbook author.

    • Director of the School of American Chefs
  • Anne Parker Johnson

    Pastry chef at the Highlands Inn in Carmel, California.

    • Winner of the 1989 United States Pastry Competition
  • Susan Spicer

    Chef and co-owner of Bayona, in New Orleans.

    • 1993 winner of the James Beard Award for Best Southeast Regional Chef
  • Nora Pouillon

    Chef and owner of two Washington, DC restaurants. A leading advocate of sustainable organic agriculture.

    • Author of Cooking with Nora
  • Nathalie Dupree

    Chef, cookbook author, and radio/TV personality.

    • Author of New Southern Cooking
  • Sarabeth Levine

    Pastry chef and owner of Sarabeth's in New York City.

    • Winner of the 1996 James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef
  • Nicole Routhier

    Cooking instructor and cookbook author who specializes in Vietnamese cuisine.

    • Wrote The Foods of Vietnam
  • Camille Glen

    American chef and cookbook author.

    • Wrote The Heritage of Southern Cooking
  • Lidia Bastianich

    Cookbook author and television personality who specializes in Italian cuisine.

    • Executive chef and co-owner of New York''s Felidia, Beco and Frico
  • Fannie Farmer (born 1857, died 1915)

    American educator, dietitian and cookbook author.

    • Founded Miss Farmer''s School of Cookery; wrote the Boston Cooking-School Cookbook, 1896

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