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Baroque Composers

The Baroque period (ca. 1600-1750) was a time of experimentation with harmony; it also witnessed the emergence of purely instrumental music.

  • Antonio Vivaldi (born 1675, died 1741)

    Italian composer.

    • Composed The Four Seasons
  • George Frederick Handel (born 1685, died 1759)

    German-born English composer.

    • Composed The Messiah and Water Music
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (born 1685, died 1750)

    German composer. Father of composers Johann Christian Bach and Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

    • Prolific composer whose works include The Well-Tempered Clavier and the Brandenburg Concertos
  • Dietrich Buxtehude (born 1637, died 1707)

    Danish composer and organist.

    • Bach once walked 200 miles to hear a performance of his work
  • Henry Purcell (born 1658, died 1695)

    British composer.

    • Composed Dido and Aeneas
  • Alessandro Scarlatti (born 1659, died 1725)

    Italian composer.

    • Composed operas, masses, oratorios and cantatas
  • Domenico Scarlatti (born 1685, died 1757)

    Italian composer.

    • Composer of harpsichord works
  • Johann Pachelbel (born 1653, died 1706)

    German composer.

    • Composed the Canon
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi (born 1583, died 1643)

    Italian composer.

    • Composer of canzone (similar to madrigals) and keyboard works
  • Georg Phillipp Telemann (born 1681, died 1767)

    German composer.

    • Composer of sacred music, operas and instrumental works
  • Henry Carey (born 1687, died 1743)

    English poet and composer.

    • Believed to have written the English national anthem, ''''God Save the King''''
  • Tommaso Albioni (born 1671, died 1750)

    Italian composer and violinist.

    • Wrote operas and instrumental music
  • John Blow (died 1708)

    English composer.

    • Wrote Venus and Adonis, the first English opera
  • Reinhard Keiser (born 1674, died 1739)

    German composer.

    • Composed operas and sacred music

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