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Renaissance Composers

Composers who worked during the European Renaissance, which extended from roughly 1400 to 1600, depending on the region.

  • William Byrd (born 1543, died 1623)

    English composer.

    • Composer of madrigals and church music
  • Claudio Monteverdi (born 1567, died 1643)

    Italian composer.

    • Composer of operas, masses and madrigals
  • Orlando di Lasso (born 1532, died 1594)

    Belgian composer.

    • Composer of sacred music, madrigals, and chansons
  • Giovanni Palestrina (born 1525, died 1594)

    Italian composer.

    • Composer of sacred music, including the Missa Papae Marcelli (Pope Marcellus Mass)
  • John Dowland (born 1563, died 1626)

    English composer and lutenist.

    • Wrote Songs of Ayres
  • Guillaume Du Fay (died 1474)

    French composer of vocal works.

    • The most famous composer in Europe in his day
  • Josquin des Pres (died 1521)

    Flemish composer of both masses and secular works.

    • Developed the technique known as pervading imitation
  • Adrian Willaert (died 1562)

    Musician and composer.

    • As maestro de cappella at St. Mark''s cathedral, he helped to make Venice a major musical center
  • Giovanni Gabrieli (born 1555, died 1612)

    Italian composer.

    • One of the leaders of the Venetian School
  • Orlandus de Lassus (born 1532, died 1594)

    Belgian composer.

    • Composed over 1500 works
  • Jacopo Peri (born 1561, died 1633)

    Italian composer.

    • Wrote the first opera, Dafne, in 1597
  • Hans Sachs (born 1494, died 1576)

    Prolific German composer and poet.

    • The subject of Wagner''s opera Der Meistersinger
  • Thomas Tallis (born 1515, died 1585)

    English organist and composer.

    • One of the first to write sacred music in English

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