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Conductors, often accomplished musicians in their own right, must understand the subtleties of every instrument in an orchestra.

  • Victoria Bond (born 1950)

    American conductor. First woman to hold a conducting position with a major U.S. orchestra.

    • Co-conductor of the Pittsburgh Orchestra, 1978-80
  • Nadia Juliette Boulager (born 1887, died 1979)

    French composer and conductor who was the first woman to teach at the Paris Conservatory.

    • First woman to conduct the Boston Symphony
  • Antonia Brico (born 1902, died 1989)

    Danish-American conductor. First woman to conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

    • Her life story was told in the 1975 documentary Portrait of Antonia
  • Sarah Caldwell (born 1924)

    American conductor.

    • Founded the Opera Company of Boston
  • Ethel Leginska (born 1880, died 1970)

    American conductor and musician.

    • Founded the Boston Philharmonic in 1926
  • Judith Somogi (born 1937, died 1988)

    American conductor. The first woman to conduct an opera in the United States.

    • Music director of the Utica Symphony, 1977-88
  • JoAnn Falletta

    American conductor.

    • Music Directory of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
  • Catherine Comet

    French conductor. The first woman to be named head conductor of a professional orchestra.

    • Music Director of the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, 1986-97
  • Kate Tamarkin

    American conductor.

    • Music Director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the East Texas Symphony Orchestra
  • Marin Alsop

    American conductor and jazz violinist.

    • Music Director of the Colorado Symphony, 1993-

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