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Writers of the Beat Generation

Some poets and prose writers associated with the Beat movement in American letters, which gave voice to post-World War II social dissent and cultural nonconformity.

  • Diane di Prima (born 1934)

    American poet.

    • Wrote Dinners and Nightmares and Memoirs of a Beatnik
  • Joanne Kyger (born 1934)

    American poet.

    • Wrote All This Every Day and The Wonderful Focus of You
  • Anne Waldman (born 1945)

    American poet.

    • Wrote Fast Speaking Woman and Makeup on Empty Space
  • Jan Kerouac (born 1952, died 1986)

    American novelist.

    • Wrote Baby Driver and Trainsong
  • Ann Charters

    American scholar, biographer and editor.

    • Wrote Kerouac and Beats and Company

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