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The Literary World

Bestselling Fiction Authors in the U.S.

Authors of the #1-selling book of fiction in each year since 1960.

  • Elia Kazan (born 1909)

    Turkish-born American writer, director and producer.

    • Author of the 1967 best-selling novel The Arrangement
  • Jacqueline Susann (born 1926, died 1974)

    American novelist.

    • Author of the 1966 best-selling novel Valley of the Dolls
  • Joan D. Vinge
    • Author of the 1983 best-selling novel Return of the Jedi Storybook
  • Jean M. Auel (born 1936)

    American novelist.

    • Author of the 1985 and 1990 best-selling novels The Mammoth Hunters and The Plains of Passage
  • Alexandra Ripley
    • Author of the 1991 best-selling novel Scarlett
  • Katherine Anne Porter (born 1890, died 1980)

    American novelist and short-story writer.

    • Author of the 1962 best-selling novel Ship of Fools
  • Jackie Collins (born 1941)

    American author. Sister of actress Joan Collins.

    • Author of the 1983 best-selling novel Hollywood Wives

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