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Science and Philosophy


Philosophers and theologians from throughout history.

  • Susanne K. Langer (born 1895, died 1985)

    American philosopher.

    • Wrote Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling
  • Hypatia (died 415)

    Alexandrian mathematician and philosopher. Murdered by fanatics instigated by the bishop of Alexandria.

    • People from throughout the known world came to the University at Alexandria to hear her lectures
  • Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia (born 1646, died 1684)

    Venetian scholar and composer. The first woman in the world to be awarded a doctoral degree.

    • Awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy by the University of Padua, June 25, 1678
  • Agnes Arber (born 1879, died 1960)

    English botanist and philosopher.

    • Wrote The Manifold and the One
  • Hannah Arendt (born 1906, died 1975)

    German-born American philosopher.

    • Wrote The Life of the Mind

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