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Science and Philosophy

Miscellaneous Physical Scientists

Geologists, archaeologists, meteorologists, and more.

  • Sylvia Earle Mead

    American oceanographer.

    • Led the first team of female aquanauts in the Tekite underwater research project
  • Mary Douglas Leakey (born 1913, died 1996)

    British archaeologist. Wife of Louis Leakey; mother of Richard.

    • With her husband, excavated early humanoid remains and artifacts at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania
  • Margaret Alice Murray (born 1863, died 1963)

    British archaeologist.

    • Wrote The Splendor That Was Egypt
  • Harriet Boyd Hawes (born 1871, died 1945)

    American archaeologist.

    • First person to discover and excavate a Minoan townsite
  • Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod (born 1892, died 1969)

    British archaeologist.

    • First female professor at the University of Cambridge, 1939

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