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Science and Philosophy

Biological Scientists

Anatomists, botanists, zoologists, and other biological scientists.

  • Florence Rena Sabin (born 1871, died 1953)

    American medical researcher.

    • First female professor at Johns Hopkins; first woman elected to life membership in the National Academy of Sciences
  • Rachel Fuller Brown
    • Co-discovered the first antibiotic effective against fungus
  • Gladys Anderson Emerson

    Biochemist and educator.

    • Isolated vitamin E from wheat germ
  • Sally Hughes Schrader (born 1895)

    American biologist.

    • Known for her studies of parthenogenesis, hermaphroditism, and the life cycle of insects
  • Rebecca Craighill Lancefield (born 1895, died 1981)

    American microbiologist.

    • Known for her classification of streptococcal bacteria
  • Rachel Louise Carson (born 1907, died 1964)

    American biologist, environmentalist and writer. Her books were among the first to draw attention to human environmental devastation.

    • Author of books that encouraged environmental conservation, most notably Silent Spring
  • Dian Fossey (born 1932, died 1985)

    American zoologist and conservationist. Murdered, perhaps by poachers.

    • Led a long-term study of mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountains of Rwanda; wrote Gorillas in the Mist
  • Jane van Lawick-Goodall (born 1934)

    British ethnologist.

    • Her observations of chimpanzees have greatly expanded scientific and popular understanding of the higher primates
  • Ida H. Hyde (born 1857, died 1945)

    American zoologist and physiologist.

    • First female researcher at the Harvard Medical School
  • Nettie Maria Stevens (born 1861, died 1912)

    American biologist.

    • Known for her work on the role of the X chromosome
  • Jewel Plummer Cobb (born 1924)

    American physiologist known for her work on cell growth and division.

    • In 1983, received a National Science Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the advancement of women and underrepresented minorities
  • Jaleh Daie

    American plant biologist.

    • President of the Association for Women in Science
  • Rosalind Elsie Franklin (born 1920, died 1958)

    British biophysicist.

    • Her X-ray studies of DNA paved the way for Watson & Crick''s discovery of its double-helix structure
  • Beatrice Mintz (born 1921)

    American embryologist.

    • Known for her studies of the heredity of certain types of cancers
  • Irene Ayako Uchida (born 1917)

    Canadian geneticist.

    • An expert on Down Syndrome and other chromosomal irregularities
  • Nancy Wexler

    American geneticist who helped develope a test for Huntington's Disease.

    • President of the Hereditary Disease Foundation, 1969-
  • Flossie Wong-Staal (born 1947)

    Chinese-born American bacteriologist.

    • Co-discoverer of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS
  • Birute Galdikas (born 1946)

    Canadian anthropologist.

    • The world''s foremost authority on the orangutan

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