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Miscellaneous Business Leaders

A collection of entrepreneurs and other business leaders from throughout history.

  • Elizabeth Arden (born 1884, died 1966)

    Canadian-American businesswoman. Original name: Florence Nightingale Graham.

    • Founded the cosmetics empire that bears her name
  • Hetty Green (born 1835, died 1916)

    American financier.

    • Known as ''''The Witch of Wall Street''''
  • Lila Wallace (born 1889, died 1984)

    American publisher.

    • Co-founded Reader''s Digest magazine
  • Mary W. Lasker

    American philanthropist.

    • Head of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, a major source of funds for medical research and public health projects
  • Leona Helmsley

    American businesswoman. Served a prison term for illegal financial dealings.

    • Executive of the Helmsley hotel empire
  • Debra Jane Fields (born 1956)

    American businesswoman.

    • Founded Mrs. Fields Cookies in 1977
  • Wendy Rue

    American businesswoman and activist.

    • Founded the National Association for Female Executives in 1972
  • Muriel Siebert (born 1932)

    American businesswoman. Founder of the Muriel Siebert & Co. brokerage house.

    • First woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Kay Koplovitz

    American businesswoman.

    • Founded the USA Network in 1980
  • Karen Horn

    American businesswoman.

    • First woman CEO of a Federal Reserve Bank
  • Christine Ann Hefner (born 1952)

    American businesswoman. Daughter of Hugh Hefner.

    • CEO of the Playboy adult-entertainment empire since 1982
  • Khadijah (died 619)

    First wife of the prophet Muhammad.

    • Met Muhammad, her second husband, when she hired him to assist her in her business dealings
  • Kate Gleason (born 1865, died 1933)

    American engineer and businesswoman.

    • First female president of a U.S. bank, 1917-19
  • Alexandra Fedorovna Romanov (born 1872, died 1918)

    Russian monarch

    • The last Empress of Russia

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