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Miscellaneous Military Leaders

A collection of military leaders from throughout history.

  • Jacqueline Cochran (born 1910, died 1980)

    American aviator; first woman to fly faster than the speed of sound.

    • Organized the WASPs (Women''s Air Force Service) in 1943
  • Ayesha (born 611, died 678)

    Influential second wife of Muhammad.

    • Led troops on camelback
  • Mary Ambree
    • A captain in the 1584 fight to liberate Ghent from the Spanish
  • Agnes Randolph

    Scottish noblewoman.

    • Defended her besieged castle for five months in 1334
  • Christian Bruce

    13th-century Scottish princess; sister of Robert I.

    • Defended her husband''s castle against the English for seven months
  • Eleonore of Toledo

    16th-century Spanish military leader.

    • Fought beside her husband in major campaigns, as well as leading troops herself
  • Jacqueline of Bavaria
    • Noblewoman who led land and naval forces to the rescue of the besieged city of Gorkum in 1417
  • Jeanne de Belleville
    • In the 14th century, led a band of knights to avenge her executed husband and harried the navy of Philip VI
  • Joan of Arc (born 1412, died 1431)

    Religiously inspired peasant girl who rallied the French armies against English invaders. Burned at the stake; later canonized.

    • The national heroine of France, who led an army against the English to free the city of Orleans
  • Julienne du Guesdin
    • Breton nun who defended her convent against English soldiers in 1370
  • Madeleine de Saint-Nectaire
    • Led a group of Huguenot cavaliers in 16th-century France
  • Philippa of Hainault (born 1314, died 1369)

    Queen of Edward III of England, 1328-69.

    • In 1346, led an army against King David Bruce of Scotland
  • Bianca Maria Visconti

    Italian military and political leader who consolidated several territories in northern Italy in 1447.

    • Led a naval attack against the Venetians
  • Ann Cunningham

    Calvinist leader.

    • Led a cavalry detachment against English troops in 1639
  • Tamara Aleksandrovna

    World War II commander.

    • Led an all-female airborne regiment in World War II
  • Nancy Wake

    New Zealander pilot.

    • Led raids into France in 1944
  • Mariana Braceti
    • Puerto Rican fighter and revolutionary junta leader in the 1860s
  • Vera Butcharev
    • Captain of the all-female Battalion of Death in World War I
  • Nelida Cabigayan

    Philippine military leader known as ''Commander Lina.''

    • In the 1970s, fought against the Marcos government as a member of the New People''s Army
  • Anna Dosa

    Greek military commander.

    • Montagnard commander in the Greek Civil War; shot down strafing aircraft in the 1940s
  • Elena Haas

    Czech resistance fighter.

    • Led guerrilla raids against the Germans in World War II
  • Vera Krylova

    World War II fighter.

    • Led refugee guerrillas and a battalion of ski troops against the Germans during World War II
  • Rose Lacombe
    • Led a bloodthirsty women''s brigade during the phase of the French Revolution known as the Reign of Terror
  • Constance Markievicz (born 1876, died 1927)

    Irish noblewoman, orator and activist. Known as ''the Rebel Countess.''

    • Militant suffragist and Irish nationalist who was a captain in the uprising of 1916
  • Elaine Mordeaux

    French Resistance leader in World War II.

    • Played a crucial role in the D-Day invasion
  • Flora Sandes

    English nurse and soldier.

    • Fought alongside Serbian peasant women in World War I and became a decorated commander
  • Marie Schellinck
    • A heroine of the Napoleonic Wars; awarded the Legion of Honor
  • Lakshmi Swaminathan

    Indian military leader.

    • Led a regiment of the Indian National Army against the British in Burma during World War II
  • Lakshmi Bai (born 1830, died 1858)

    Indian maharani and resistance fighter.

    • Ruler of Jhansi who led her troops in the fight against British rule
  • Matilda (born 1102, died 1167)

    Daughter of Henry I of England, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, and mother (by her second husband, Geoffrey Plantagenet) of Henry II of England. Also known as Maud.

    • Fought a violent nine-year civil war with her father''s cousin, Stephen, for the English throne
  • Trung Trac (died 42)

    Vietnamese warrior queen.

    • With her sister, Trung Nhi, led a rebellion against Chinese rule and established a short-lived kingdom
  • Trung Nhi (died 42)

    Vietnamese warrior queen.

    • With her sister, Trung Trac, led a rebellion against Chinese rule and established a short-lived kingdom
  • Trieu Trinh Nuong (born 225, died 248)

    Vietnamese warrior queen. Also known as Trieu Au.

    • Clad in golden armor and mounted on an elephant, she led a six month rebellion against the Chinese forces occupying her country; when defeat was inevitable, she committed suicide at the age of 23
  • Alene Bertha Duerk (born 1920)

    American naval officer.

    • The U.S. Navy''s first female rear admiral, 1972
  • Sheila Widnall

    American aeronautical engineer.

    • First woman put in charge of a branch of the U.S. military; Secretary of the Air Force, 1993-
  • Roberta Hazard

    American naval officer.

    • A rear admiral, at the time of her retirement she was the highest ranking woman in the U.S. military

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