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British Monarchs

The reigning kings and queens of England (to 1603) and the United Kingdom (since 1603).

  • Anne (born 1665, died 1714)

    Queen of England, 1702-14.

    • Last Stuart to rule Britain; England and Scotland were united under her reign in 1707
  • Victoria (born 1819, died 1901)

    Queen of Great Britain, 1837-1901, and Empress of India 1877-1901.

    • Her sixty-four-year reign is the longest in English history
  • Elizabeth I (born 1533, died 1603)

    Queen of England and Ireland, 1558-1603.

    • Known for establishing England as a world power, including promoting overseas trade and financing the first English theatres
  • Mary I (born 1516, died 1558)

    Queen of England and Ireland, 1553-8.

    • Nicknamed ''''Bloody Mary'''' for her brutality against protestants and heretics
  • Mary II (born 1662, died 1694)

    Queen of England, Ireland and Scotland, 1689-94.

    • Invited by English nobles to assume the crown with her husband, William of Orange, to stop James II from reestablishing Roman Catholicism in England
  • Elizabeth II (born 1926)

    Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-.

    • Despite many scandals involving her family, Elizabeth herself has retained the favor and respect of her people

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